Sunday, 17 October 2010

Mini harvest, and preparing for the winter

This week has been quite productive in the garden.. Turning the compost heap as often as I have time to, to try and get things moving - though the frame did move rather too far after I fixed a cover to the top, I woke up in the morning, the wind had got under the cover and taken the whole frame down the garden. The heap wasn't very big though, and was still sat there in a tiny tidy pile on the ground cover with no frame around it.
I thought I should share photos of this year's late mini-harvest, before and after cooking (supplemented with chicken, roast potatoes and asparagus from the shops!). Next year, next year, a bumper harvest will be mine!! I've shown you my smallest mini carrots - caused by sowing too closely together. There's also a pic of sweet peas planted in preparation for next year, and some aster cuttings I've taken - which I originally mistook for osteopermums...
So today, having spent the afternoon poring over a seed catalogue to figure out what hardy perennials I can grow from seed over the winter, and hunting the internet for care information on the plants I have already planted over the summer I got going in the garden.

Starting with turning the compost heap, I went on to finish planting the daffodil and snowdrop bulbs I'd bought a couple of weeks ago and plaited the very petite onion harvest that had been drying in the top of my little greenhouse (picture below).
In preparation for the winter, I lifted the salvias (pic below, top left) from the border that I planted in the summer (unfortunately they have rather been attacked by slugs in the last few months, better those than the lettuces though!), tidied up some other containers and added gravel to the tops to make them look pretty, lifted and divided a veronica (pic below, bottom middle) in an attempt at propagation, and found a plant in my garden that I have no idea what is it even though I planted it.
I've included a picture of the leaf - any ideas on what it is?  


  1. My favorite - the mixed veg on the plate, yummy!
    I like the photo's.

    Was that your gardener I spotted in the front garden or could it be your Dad???

  2. Ah it was Dad - my gardener was away at that point. Isn't that what parents are for?!