Wednesday, 20 October 2010

How much is 100 litres?

Square Foot Gardening calls for vermiculite. The"soil" that you grow your veg in is made up of  ⅓ compost, ⅓ sphagnum moss, and ⅓ vermiculite. So as part of my research I had found a supplier in readiness for ordering in the New Year when the building of my Square Feet will start in earnest.
As I spent the weekend researching how to propagate the shrubs and perennials I have planted in the garden this year, planning on taking cuttings or divisions in pots to our new home, it turned out I need vermiculite to grow some of the cuttings in. So I ordered some.
I didn't really realise how big a 100 litre bag would be! It was on my doorstep when I got home one night this week, and it sat in my living room looking ominous as I wondered how I would hide it from my husband who has determined that my gardening won't take over the house!
I used some to pot up the cuttings I had been preparing - that's one litre used, only 99 left to find a home for!!
 I can't wait for the seeds I've ordered to arrive - I have found some perennials I can start off indoors over the winter, ready to plant in the Spring. I'm also thinking about grasses, but I don't think I can plant them yet - I have visions of a cluster of different shape and height pots with different and interesting grasses in..
Week on week compost heap progress..   

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