Saturday, 5 March 2011

A new space to play in - so much space!

Although I haven't written a post in a while I have been busy planting flower seeds each weekend, and doing my best to keep the seedlings alive. This has been the background garden activity while we have been moving house. I was fierce with my threats to the removals men that if they damaged my plants there would be hell to pay, and from their face it's clear that I have turned into "Crazy Plant Lady". Some seedlings did not survive the move, but I am pushing on and trying to persevere. I think the final number of plants per packet of seeds will be minimal in all honesty!
So now I have a new garden to play in, but we only be here temporarily so my challenge is to improve it without spending too much cash on things we can't take with us. The new space is so much bigger than my last garden that my collection of pots now looks rather lonely!
Thanks to my Mum and Dad, some progress has been made (in the rain): a water trap for under the garden tap to stop a big muddy puddle forming, lots of branches and undergrowth removed, and lots of Mel's mix made up for my square foot gardens. Birthday presents have included some climbing roses and a planter with trellis attached for them to grow up (very clever), and so they are planted too.
This week I've planted some leeks outdoors, and indoors - some tomato and pepper seeds, and some lettuce seeds to replace the tiny plants that died in the move.
My biggest enemy is a very fat squirrel that has dug up bulbs in my containers (so I've covered every pot with pebbles to stop that), attacked my bird feeder, and is now trying to steal horticultual fleece to line it's nest.

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